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Skin Lifting Without Going Under the Knife

21st October, 2020

Woman demostrating a non surgical skin lifting procedure

Every one of us feels the effects of skin ageing as we get older - the appearance and deepening of wrinkles, thinning skin and loss of volume are all incredibly common and happen to almost all of us over time. While the ageing process affects every person slightly differently (based on your genetics, lifestyle, skincare routine, regular sun exposure etc.), one of the most common effects of ageing that can really change the way you look is when the skin begins to lose volume and becomes droopy or saggy. This can create the appearance of loose skin around the lower face and jaw, as well as making the face appear thinner and more gaunt.

At Revolution Aesthetics, we understand that while the ageing process is entirely natural and one that we should all embrace readily, the impact of seeing ourselves begin to look different as we age can be pretty significant. With that said, there are many of us who would like to improve the appearance of our skin and turn back the clock a little, without having to undergo a traditional surgical facelift, which is invasive, time-consuming and can be risky.

Fortunately, anti-ageing treatments and skin lifting treatments such as thread lifts and the 8-point dermal filler facelift are brilliant for clients who want to reduce the appearance of jowls, loss of volume and sagging skin, without going under the knife and everything that entails.

Thread Lifts

Thread lift treatment is a long-lasting treatment that actually physically lifts the skin while also helping improve collagen production in targeted areas, which can slow down the ageing process and give you back the appearance of lifted, tightened and smoothed skin.

Thread lifts use what are known as PDO threads, which are inserted under the skin, which lifts and actually pulls the skin upward. PDO is an entirely biodegradable material and has been used in medical contexts, like dissolving stitches, for many years.

As well as physically lifting the skin and bringing back volume to the mid and lower face, thread lifts actually kickstarts collagen production in the area, which further improves the condition of your skin over time. Particularly for those struggling with skin sagging and drooping in the mid- and lower face, this treatment can provide ongoing skin lifting, tightening and toning for around 18 months after your visit to the clinic.

8-Point Dermal Filler Facelift

The 8-point dermal filler facelift is a completely non-surgical option for those struggling with the appearance of jowls or drooping skin. It uses dermal fillers, carefully placed at 8 specifically chosen points on the face to lift and plump the skin, resulting in a smooth and youthful appearance. The 8-point facelift, like all dermal filler treatments, lasts from 6-12 months, so you don’t have to worry about making any permanent changes to your appearance, instead simply giving you a subtle and natural-looking lift.

The 8-point lift works by adding volume under the surface of the skin in specific areas. This small amount of additional volume helps to lift the skin and give you fullness and plumpness in areas where skin volume has been lost. You’ll see a much more subtle difference with the 8-point facelift than with a treatment like thread lifts, making it ideal if you want a little bit of a lift without feeling too “done”.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle lift or more dramatic change, there is a non-surgical treatment out there for you. To find out more about how we can help you tackle the signs of skin ageing including sagging and loss of facial volume, please get in touch with the team at Revolution Aesthetics!



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