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Winter Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

10th December, 2020

Protecting Your Skin in the Winter

Winter is here and with it comes the colder weather, icy winds, lower humidity levels, and that dreaded dry air caused by indoor heating. With all this going on, it’s no surprise to see that your skin starts to take a hit - there are so many harsh factors impacting your skin at once that it’s only natural to see it starting to feel dehydrated and sensitive. In such a trying time for your skin, it’s vital that you know how to react and manage the cold weather - the last thing you want is your skin becoming dry and dull over the winter! Read on to find Revolution Aesthetics’ guide to winter skincare!

Winter Skin Problems

Dry Skin

The number one winter skin problem that you’re likely to encounter is dry skin. The cold air, harsh heating, and brisk winds can all start to leave your skin feeling like sandpaper, which nobody wants. Dry skin for extended periods can cause lasting damage if left untreated, so if you notice the signs of dry skin starting to set in this winter try to get ahead of the game by altering your skincare routine to adapt to the harsh conditions.

Sensitivity Flareups

Another byproduct of this harsh weather is that your skin becomes more and more sensitive to the conditions impacting it. Again, you want to get ahead of this before it starts to cause issues in the long term, which means protecting your skin from the harsh conditions and giving your skin some real TLC whenever you can. For sensitive skin, the trick is being gentle and caring in order to nurture the skin back to its best condition.


Redness can be caused by a combination of different factors, but tends to affect sufferers of rosacea in particular. To treat redness or rosacea, you again need to focus on being gentle - mild cleansers, lukewarm water, and gently patting dry can help you to reduce the redness and restore your skin to a healthier state with a more balanced complexion.

Best Winter Skincare

Winter skincare focuses on tackling dryness and battling against the dull, dry complexion that often comes along with it, so expect to be using lots of hydration agents and thicker moisturisers than in the summer months. For your cleanser, you’ll be looking to use something that doesn’t just cleanse but hydrates too - ZO Skin Health’s Hydrating Cleanser is a perfect fix for this, soothing skin as it cleanses oils from your face.

In terms of battling dull complexion, hyaluronic acid is a winner - creams, serums, or solutions that feature this ingredient will give a fantastic plumpness and glow to your skin when layered with a creamy day moisturiser.

Speaking of moisturiser, you’ll want to be layering it on thick in the winter to protect your skin from drying out - creams with fatty oils are great if your skin is particularly dry as they help to prevent water loss.

Revolution Aesthetics Treatments

For the ultimate skin-reparation this winter, why not consider indulging in some luxury skin treatments with one of our specialists here at Revolution Aesthetics! Whilst at home skincare is a great way to manage your skin on a simple, daily basis, there’s nothing that beats a professional treatment. Our treatments, including microneedling, mesotherapy and skin peels, are designed to give lasting results that are tailored to your skin type, condition, and tone.

Contact Revolution Aesthetics today to discover more about our fantastic selection of treatments and products - you can browse our range or get in touch right here on our website!

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