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The Red Carpet Treatment - Your Perfect Christmas Skin Boost

20th December, 2019

The Red Carpet Treatment

Tackle Your Winter Skin With Mesotherapy

At Revolution Aesthetics, we’re passionate about creating beautiful results for our clients and making them feel like the best possible versions of themselves with every single treatment we offer. When winter hits, however, it can be easy to feel frustrated about skin that’s feeling the effects of the cold and rain. When it comes to a skincare routine that helps to tackle the effects of the winter weather, mesotherapy is one of the best all-rounder treatments to give you the boost you need!

Because the air in winter is colder and dryer, there isn’t as much moisture available to absorb, so the skin becomes dryer. Central heating also dries out the air, so while it might be tempting to turn up the heating on a chilly day, that might be hurting your skin even more. In these conditions, dry skin can become dull, flaky and cracked, while oilier skin types might overcompensate for the dry air by producing more oil and sebum, which can cause pores to become blocked, skin to become more congested and dreaded acne breakouts to appear! At Revolution Aesthetics, we use mesotherapy in conjunction with our carefully chosen serums, which helps to deeply hydrate the skin, as well as softening and brightening to give you that beautiful glow, even when all of the elements are against you! We can tailor our mesotherapy treatments to your specific skin concerns to create amazing results no matter how you’ve been impacted by the winter weather

Mesotherapy is a treatment that uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin, creating ‘micro-injuries’ that prompt natural regeneration and improve the overall tone, health and condition of the skin. We recommend incorporating mesotherapy into your regular skincare routine to help keep your skin as strong, supple and healthy as possible, and improve skin regeneration to help fight winter weather. Generally, 4-6 mesotherapy treatments over the course of a few months is the best way to get started, after which, we’ll work out a top-up treatment schedule that works for you. You’ll be able to see the results of your mesotherapy treatment straight away, but they’ll also improve over time as the skin naturally regenerates itself..

All About The Red Carpet Treatment

The Red Carpet Treatment is a single mesotherapy treatment that gives your skin a beautiful boost and gets you ready for your next special occasion. With Christmas party season upon us, looking and feeling your best can really help you get into the festive spirit! While we usually recommend a course of several mesotherapy sessions, you can also go for a single boosting treatment before any big events to get your skin looking its best.

Our Red Carpet Treatment is a 30 minute mesotherapy session that really helps invigorate, rejuvenate and boost your skin before a special event. Our mesotherapy treatments, including the red carpet treatment, use the specialist Nappage technique, which uses tiny needles injected at a slight angle at a depth of 2-4mm. This balances the effectiveness of the treatment with no need for recovery time, so you can even get yourself ready for your next do on your lunch break!

Get Evening-Ready Skin With Our Skin Peels

We can also combine mesotherapy and red carpet treatments with skin peels from Zein Obagi, one of the leading medical skincare brands. Our team are passionate about the amazing results ZO skincare and skin treatments can have for our clients. To help rejuvenate skin completely, we can carry out the ZO Essential Stimulator Peel alongside out mesotherapy treatments. This peel contains glycolic acid, citric acid and lactic acid to gently exfoliate the top layers of skin and leave you with fresh, glowing and healthy-looking skin. The ZO Essential peel is one of the gentlest chemical peels, and doesn’t require any downtime after treatment, making it perfect for a special occasion. It is also suitable for all skin types and tones, making it an incredibly versatile treatment.

If you have a little bit more time to prepare, we can carry out the deeper, more intensive 3-Step Peel, which requires around a week for the skin to recover fully and your amazing results to be visible.

Protect Your Glowing Skin With Obagi Skincare

At Revolution Aesthetics, while we’re passionate about getting incredible results for our clients with all of our skin treatments, we know that great skin starts at home. This is why we’re providers of the Zein Obagi skincare range, which we recommend to many of our clients and use ourselves as well! There are several different systems or routines available, and out team of experts will always help you choose the right one for you no matter what your skin concerns are. Whether you’re dry, oily, worried about skin aging, suffer from pigmentation and rosacea or acne or almost anything else, our team of medical and dental professionals can always advise you on how to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, glowing and healthy, even once party season is long gone!

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