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What Makes Obagi Skincare Different?

20th December, 2019

what makes Obagi Skincare different

What Is Obagi?

Obagi is a skincare and treatment line developed by Dr. Zein Obagi. The line is based on the idea if you want brilliant results, regular skincare brand simply don’t do enough. By creating a skincare collection that is only available from dermatologists and clinics in the UK, Obagi is able to utilise higher concentrations of active ingredients, provide more dramatic results and create highly specific products and systems for different skin concerns and conditions.

Obagi is perfect for all skin types and tones and has systems devoted to the specific care of several different skin concerns. Obagi offers clients in the UK 10 different systems of differing strengths and for different functions.

We use Obagi products at Revolution Aesthetics because of their scientific background, complexes and compounds that actually work and formulations that are concentrated enough to make a real difference to your skin, no matter what kind of skin concerns you have. There are both medical ranges in the Obagi collection and non-medical ranges that are less intensive, but just as effective for everyday use.

Obagi products are only available from a clinic environment due to their potency and intensity. At Revolution Aesthetics, our experienced team of skin experts and medical professionals will give you a personalised consultation and assessment to help establish the best treatment plan for you. Our plans aim to restore your skin and help to make it as strong and healthy as possible while treating any skin issues or concerns you may have, such as scarring, congestion, pigmentation, acne, ageing and dryness to name a few.

The Obagi Skincare Routine

Obagi is so fantastic is it provides our clients with tailored skincare that actually works to treat the issues they care about, while improving the overall health of the skin.

There are currently full Obagi systems available to treat:

  • Acne, spots, congestion and blemishes.
  • Dry, flaky and dehydrated skin.
  • Oily or greasy skin.
  • Sensitive skin that can easily become inflamed or damaged by highly concentrated or active products not designed with sensitive skin types in mind.
  • Skin showing signs of ageing such as fine lines and age spots.
  • Skin suffering from pigmentation and redness, including for sufferers of rosacea.
  • Skin suffering from sun damage caused by excess sun exposure.
  • Young skin which needs protection and prevention from the elements to retain its youth.
  • The delicate skin around the eye area.

Some Obagi skincare systems will consist of several different products to provide a complete skin routine, while others contain two or three, and some consist of just one high-quality product designed to effectively treat a specific skin concern. Many of these products contain high concentrations of active ingredients, including several prescription-strength formulas for the highest impact on the skin.

The team at Revolution Aesthetics are passionate about the Obagi skincare range and actually use Obagi products ourselves. They are medically sound, simple to use and deeply effective, without being damaging, which is incredibly important to us as an experienced team of medical and dental professionals.

Obagi Skin Peels At Revolution Aesthetics

As well as helping our clients find medical-grade skincare solutions that really work for them, we also offer some of Obagi’s clinic-only treatments - the incredible skin peels. Using skin peels, we can help to intensely exfoliate the top layers of skin, removing dead skin, debris, sebum, surface bacteria, and in more intense treatments, scar tissue and damaged skin. This leaves the new, fresh layer of skin underneath and brings this to the surface, creating a smooth, brightened and rejuvenated appearance, with acne, scarring and pigmentation completely removed.

The team at Revolution Aesthetics are highly experienced in treating people with a variety of skin types tones, including darker skin tones where extra care has to be taken with peeling and exfoliating treatments to prevent pigmentation issues.

We offer two Obagi skin peels at Revolution Aesthetics - the ZO Essential Stimulator Peel, and the ZO 3 Step Peel.

ZO Essential Stimulator Peel

This is the gentler and lighter of the peels we offer. It contains a potent mix of glycolic, lactic and citric acids to help gently exfoliate the top layers of skin. This is a deeply effective treatment with no downtime that offers our clients a quick and comfortable treatment that isn’t too intensive. We recommend this treatment for people with mild skin issues such as acne breakouts, congested skin, poor skin turnover leading to dull skin, dehydrated or flaky skin and more sensitive skin types. The Essential Stimulator peels leave skin looking and feeling soft, smooth, bright and glowing, which makes it a perfect treatment for special occasions or as a regular part of your skincare routine.

3 Step Peel

The 3 Step Peel contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid, glycerin and saponins to give a deeper, more intensive skin peel that penetrates further into the skin. This peel can be used for anti-ageing, more severe acne scarring or other types of scarring, as it exfoliates to a significant depth. While this treatment is so effective, it does take several days for the skin to peel completely, so you should leave around a week for the skin to recover fully after treatment. To find out more about Obagi skincare, skin peel treatments or any of the other treatments we offer at Revolution Aesthetics contact us today!

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